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Janet Renner

Elevate Your Potential


Janet Renner's passion in life is coaching and working with people of all ages and abilities in elevating their quality of swimming skills.

She has the unique ability to evaluate and refine championship level stroke techniques, as well as construct and develop intermediates' expertise and beginners' proficiency.

Janet is a valuable resource that very few facilities in the country can match. She is available to coach, instruct and generally elevate the quality of swimming skill for individuals and groups, from young children to adults, from beginner to trained athlete. Private lessons and instruction are available as well as customized group clinics.


Private, one-on-one lessons are available!


Gather your friends and create your own group, or join one of Janet's scheduled clinics. 



I offer group lessons, private lessons and specialty training sessions.

Lessons are available in my pool on the mid-Peninsula in the San Francisco Bay 
Area or at your own pool if outside the San Francisco Bay area.

  • All group lessons are limited in class size

  • Group Class durations vary depending on the season. For example:

    • 30 minutes one-to-four times per week for one and up to 4 weeks​

    • 45 minutes one-to-three times per week for one and up to 4 weeks

  • 6 levels of classes to choose from​

  • Sign ups are on a first come, first served basis

  • Payment is made the first day of class.

To arrange a lesson, call 808-280-2756 or email

What is a Swim Pro?

A Swim Pro is an expert at clearly and effectively communicating and adapting the latest principles, philosophies and concepts of swimming to all levels of swimmers.

A swim instructor teaches basic swim skills.

A swim coach works mostly with a team to train the swimmers through a variety of workouts. Teams can be made up of various abilities of athletes. Individual attention is often limited.


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Tel: 808-280-2756

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