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This book includes 24 high quality step-by-step instructional videos!

"If you have ever wanted to learn to swim but were afraid to try, then this book is for you. Janet Renner breaks the process down into simple, measurable steps designed to help you build up your confidence in the water, while melting away your fears. Yes, YOU CAN SWIM. The water is waiting for you!"

--Karlyn Pipes, Hall of Fame Swimmer

Ms. Renner's book is a must read for anyone learning to swim. She manages to be straightforward and witty at the same time, not an easy task. I was able to use the techniques in this book to help teach a group of fearless Afghan women in Kabul how to swim. These women had never been in a pool, lake, or river before. Being able to hold their own in water was an amazing achievement that gave them extra self confidence as they faced a war torn world.

--Adrienne Shade, civilian working with the women in Afghanistan

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