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What Clients Say about Swim Pro Janet

I've always wanted to swim with confidence but a series of 'oh-crap-I'm-gonna-drown' moments kept that dream at bay until you showed me how to stay calm no matter how rough or deep the water. I no longer have to fight my fear every time I attempt to snorkel or sail or dog paddle. Thank you Janet Renner for helping me heal a wound that has been festering for over 40 years! Today I touched the bottom of the pool. Tomorrow I just might get scuba certified. 


~ Rhonda Britten, Emmy Award-winner, Bestselling author of 'Fearless Living', Founder, Fearless Living Institute (Rhonda learned how to swim and completed her scuba the ocean...all within 30 days!)

I am a solid athlete who couldn’t get her swim times down – increased effort did not create increased speed (20 years of triathlons). With just a minute of observation, Janet was able to diagnose my challenges. She gave a few easy to follow instructions, showed me ways to train my body to integrate my new understanding, and for the first time I believe I have the potential to be a fast swimmer. We accomplished that in two (2) short practice sessions. Janet is amazing! Thank you!


~ Rosie Laughlin, Tri-Athlete, Missouri 

With one simple correction, Janet straightened out numerous problems with my freestyle stroke. I am now passing people I’ve never been able to keep up with before. I can’t believe the simple changes Janet made to my stroke have had such a big impact. She was able to take at least 20 seconds off my 100m times and I think with some practice I’ll be able to sustain another 10 seconds off!


~ Dr. Fred Schauer, Tri-Athlete, Ohio 


Rhonda Britten - Certified Scuba Diver

Rhonda Britten's Video Testimonial

As the date of my first triathlon in Maui approached, and my first ever race in the ocean, I felt increasingly anxious. How was I to swim almost one mile at King’s Trail Triathlon when I was out of breath after only 100 meters in the pool? I contacted a professional with experience in the Pacific Ocean. Janet Renner was personable, professional and I felt at ease in a matter of minutes. In less than an hour I was efficiently swimming between buoys and best of all, I wasn’t even tired. Janet followed me like a fish under the water observing my technique and giving me the precise feedback that I so much needed. On the day of the race I felt completely confident and even kept up with the more advanced swimmers. I can’t thank Janet enough!


~ Litzbeth Roll, M.S., California 

This is the 3rd training camp Janet has conducted for our club. We have members from beginning to advanced skill levels, and each of us not only enjoyed the camp, even with having attended multiple times, we still take away something new that helps us improve. Janet’s attention to detail in helping to refine our strokes was invaluable! The workouts were great, and all of the participants, including myself, love her approach to coaching masters. She obviously recognizes the unique needs of adult swimmers.


~ Glenn Davis, Coach Coordinator, Manitoba Masters Aquatic Club, Winnipeg, Canada

open water swim race.jpg

My 7 year old son start with Janet just a few weeks ago and his attitude towards swimming has shifted tremendously. As a young child, we had him enrolled in a swim school where he was taught with one other student. After more than one year, he barely made any progress. Half of his lesson was spent sitting on the steps while the other student had her turn. We decided that we wanted to invest in one-on-one lessons to finally get him safe and comfortable in the water. Janet's style really works with him. He is a super athletic kid that can't stay still, but she is able to get him to be calm in the water and to realize how that can help him float and swim. After two lessons, he is now comfortable in the water, has taken his first legitimate strokes, and more than anything is excited about swimming. He came home and jumped up and down about his progress. He still has a ways to go, but we know that with Janet's help, he will be swimming circles around us any day now!. 


~ P. Mody - California

Janet, thank you for your understanding and patience with our son and me. You are an amazing role model and your inner energy and calmness is admired. Seeing my son smile, laugh and progress with you makes me so happy. He says, "Thanks for being the best swimming teacher." He drew a picture of him and you in the pool together. 


~ K. Jaeger

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