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Rates for Group Lessons, Private Lessons &

Specialty Training Sessions

$425 for 2.5 hours


Recommended for adults who don't have time to commit to spreading lessons out


You will amaze yourself, because you will be swimming. Conquer your fear of the water and you'll even learn to enjoy the water! You will be so glad you did!

Private Lessons


At my pool:

$90 for 30 minutes

$135 for 45 minutes

$180 for 60 minutes

At your pool:

$110 for 30 minutes

$155 for 45 minutes

$200 for 60 minutes

Semi-Private Lessons

(If you have friends who want to join you in the same lesson)

At either my pool or your pool, add:

$10 for 30 minutes to the private lesson rate per additional person

$15 for 45 minutes to the private lesson rate per additional person

$20 for 60 minutes to the private lesson rate per additional person

Event Training

(pool meet, open water, triathlon, cross training, "just help me get in shape")

In person: $180 per hour, $20 per each additional person for a private group

Online: $650 per month includes weekly workouts, email support and one 30 minute checkin call per month

Children's Group Lessons Level Descriptions

Level 1: Ages 3-4

  • Help students feel comfortable in water

  • Learn to put face in the water

  • Blow bubbles

  • Float on belly

  • Kick on belly

  • Float on back

Level 2: Ages 3-4 who completed Level 1 & ages 5 new to swimming

  • Review of level 1 curriculum

  • Streamline kicking on belly

  • Kick on back

  • Roll over from belly to back & vice versa

  • Begin to learn breaststroke arms

  • Begin to learn freestyle arms

  • Retrieve items on bottom of shallow pool

Level 3: Ages 4-7

  • Review of level 2 curriculum

  • Breathe with breaststroke arms

  • Begin to learn breaststroke kick

  • Begin to learn elementary backstroke

  • Begin to learn dolphin kick

  • Roll on back to breathe with freestyle arms

  • Roll over on back when tired

  • Jump in water

  • Swim underwater

Level 4: Ages 4 - 7

  • Review of lever 3 curriculum 

  • Tread water

  • Self rescues

  • Begin to learn to dive into water

  • Begin to learn timing of breaststroke

  • Learn dolphin kick with taking breaths

  • Breaths with freestyle

  • Learn to be comfortable in the water

Level 5: Ages 5-8

  • Review of lever 4 curriculum 

  • Learn shallow water dives

  • Learn full stroke breaststroke

  • Begin to learn butterfly

  • Learn backstroke

  • Learn techniques to rescue others

Level 6: Graduates of Level 5

  • Learn butterfly

  • Learn open turns

  • Learn flip turns

  • Intro to swim training

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